• Moogleknight24


    November 7, 2011 by Moogleknight24

    I was watching Phineas and Ferb just now and that Rival scientist to Doofensmirtz. "I just call him Rodney because I can never remember his name"

    I noticed his voice sounds a lot like Professor Wernstrom from Futurama. That high pitched whiny voice...

    At the time it sounded almost uncanny but now that I think about it Rodney sounds slightly whinier while Wernstrom has a slight sarcastic drawl.

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  • Moogleknight24

    I just thought of something...

    No-one is supposed to know the Agents are animals.

    The agency most likely chose animals because no-one would suspect them of being agents.

    Yet crime fighting animals would actually draw more attention...

    So I'm assuming the Government is covering the whole "Animal Agent" thing up.

    Here's what I would do if I was doofensmirtz :D

    I would fight Perry like normal but hide a secret camera. (Despite he's monitored at all times) and film the entire fight, then put it on the internet or send it to a news station.

    The press would get word of a martial arts fighting Platypus and the whole entire agency would be revealed to the world.

    Perry would no longer have a secret identity and O.W.A.C.A would probably have to start over w…

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