So, we've talked a lot about our background pages here on this Wiki, and now it's time to expand our horizons. As you well know, we have our Facebook and Twitter pages, and once in a while, they both need a bit of what we call "freshening up" as it were.

And by "freshening up", we mean an occasional change on certain dates for holidays, special events and so forth. So for those with the skills that will pay the bills in the foreseeable future, here's a list of 2014 events for you to make backgrounds or even cover pages for the Facebook.

  • Late January into mid February: Valentine's Day (we also might use the same artwork for our Wikia background for the Twitter page)
  • Mid-to-late February to early March: Platypus Day
  • Late March into April: Easter
  • Summer: Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars
  • Mid-September through October: Halloween
  • November: Fall
  • December into New Years: Christmas/Winter Holidays

For Facebook pages, the cover page size is limited to 399 pixels wide by 150 pixels high, and all other pages are standard. Drop off any artwork with me, Rrabbit42 or Mobo85 on our talk pages and let's see some creativity!  In addition, there will be changes to how the sidebars look as of December 4th, being limited to the 170px on either side of the box.  We'd love to see your suggestions and/or ideas.

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