So much tempis has fidigited over five years, hunh?

It was on August 17th, 2007, after the debut of Disney Channel's record breaking High School Musical 2 that a preview of a new show aired called,,, Well, you know what I'm talking about, the logo is on the right of this blog entry as we speak.

Anyhow, we're looking for fellow wikians to help me out for an future issue of the Tri-State Gazette and share their favorite moments from Phineas and Ferb in honor of their fifth anniversary. I have a couple to get you started, and they're both of the musical kind.

The first comes from "Comet Kermillian " where Suzy croquets a nut chased by a pair of squirrels into Candace's jeans, and the song "S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) " breaks out. My other comes from "The Doonkelberry Imperative " and the hilarious "Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz ". Who'd thought Pery the Platypus would actually write out his last will and testament?

What's your favorite P&F moment? Post them in the comments below and you might see them in the Tri-State Gazette very soon.

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