So, this day I was was doing a little Googling on that search engine, and I came across this little gem from DeviantArt member brichards85. What if the episode "Tri-Stone Area" had a gag reel they could run at the annual cast holiday party? Here's the answer.

ISABELOCK: (wiggling her toes in front of the fire) Cantok maka foom-

(At that point, she suddenly pulls a muscle in her left foot)

ISABELOCK: -FAAAAAAA!? (out of character) My foot! Cramp in my foot!

PHINEBUNK: (out of character, rubbing Isabelock's foot) You okay?

ISABELOCK: (out of character) Yeah, just walking around like this for the whole episode is so' tiring!

- - -

DOOFENGUNG: (watching water dripping from a stalactite) [Eager grunting]

(The next water droplet suddenly "withdraws" and doesn't drip) DOOFENGUNG: (out of character, to camera) Don't tell me they had a water crisis in the Stone Age too??!

To read the rest check out the original dA journal entry .

Personally, I think something like this would have been best used in the credits, much like the blooper reels in almost every Pixar production since "Toy Story". What do you think?

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