I Announced that The Sonic the Hedgehog Game will be more Mini-Games, Music and Character Change:

More Mini-Games:

  • Players play as Jeremy in a arcade "Jeremy's Mayhem" and rescue Candace from being transform into a Coachroach.
  • Players must traveled in a bubble but don't pop or you may fall (based on Bubble Boys)

More Music:

  • City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 (S'Winter)

Character Change:

Due to the High Ranking of Cream the Rabbit fans, Amy Rose is replace by Cream the Rabbit as a Playable Character, as the rest of the characters will stay.

One more News:

The Sonic the Hedgehog Game: Collector's Edition:

Exclusively on Xbox 360, A "The Sonic the Hedgehog Game: Collector's Edition" inside there's

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