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The Official Phineas and Ferb Wiki Newsletter, Issue 77: October 2, 2012
News and information from the world of Phineas and Ferb.

1 It's Costume Time!
2 Crat Corner
3 Oh, There You Are... Julianne Hough?
4 The Tri-State Gazette Guide to Phineas and Ferb Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes
5 Review: Not the only one who's surprised
6 Costumes and Cosplay
7 Hands-on with the P&F merchandise, part 52

It's Costume Time!


These fans of Phineas and Ferb in Belgium were doing an entire costume roleplaying ("cosplay") group at a convention last year. If you've ever thought of doing a P&F costume character for trick-or-treating the Halloween or even going to your local convention, Mouseinphilly has some ideas for character costumes that you can make in this issue.

Current forum discussions

Crat Corner

by RRabbit42

It's quiet. Too quiet.

This Crat Corner is going to be a short one this time because I want to make room for the wonderful articles that Mouseinphilly provided, plus a few things of my own. So, here it is:

The voting on our monthly pictures, songs, quotes and Do You Knows ran long last month, so I had set the deadline as Saturday, which I mistakenly listed as October 5th. Since Saturday is the Worldwide Day of Play, which is a day where everyone is encouraged to go out and play, I'm going to change that to October 7th. Sunday afternoon, we'll count up the votes and see which ones we're going to use for this month.

We also were asked if we were going to have a Halloween theme for this year. The answer is yes, yes we will. Last year's theme can be brought back, but we're going to try for a new design. Check back later in the month to see what we come up with.

Odds 'n' Ends

  • Since we're in the right frame of mind, has started a "Monster Mania Maze" where fans can create a haunted house-themed maze and upload it to a monster gallery, including a "Phineas and Ferb" version, where you can scare Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Perry and Doof disguised as monsters. This will be up until the ghosts and goblins pass by after October 31.
  • Ryan Stoppable's "By The Numbers" blog covers "When Worlds Collide" here. Don't forget, "Road to Danville" premieres on October 26th at 9 PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.
  • Don't forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

Oh, There You Are... Julianne Hough?


Yes, that is indeed the former Dancing With The Stars professional dancer (who's now a singer and actress) on your right, looking like none other than Perry the Platypus for a Disneyland promotional photo op at Splash Mountain for Mickey's Halloween Party during Halloween Time at the park that she recently Tweeted. (We here all wonder if her brother Derek will dress up as Doofenshmirtz this year, especially if he gets an early elimination from this year's All-Star edition.)

With the big haunting night forthcoming, Mouseinphilly has ideas for P&F character costumes on a budget, while RRabbit 42 takes a look at other "cosplayers" and the licensed costumes for this year.

The Tri-State Gazette Guide to Phineas and Ferb Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

by Mouseinphilly


It's that time of year again where you dress up as something and do legalized begging for sweets, or maybe go to a costume event at school unless you're if you're older, then you head to your workplace donning an outlandish outfit some people (save for zombies) would not be caught dead in, provided your bosses allow it. Or maybe you'll be handing out treats or escorting your family members on the last day of this month, and the one question that perplexes us right about now: You've decided to dress as a Phineas and Ferb character, but don't have stuff to pull it off, especially cash money? (Promotional announcement for this blog: More on the licensed Halloween costume stuff from RRabbit42 in the "Hands-on with the Merchandise" section later in this edition.)

Well, guess what? We know what you're going to be doing on or about October 31st, and you don't need to build an outlandish machine to do so, because you can get most of these costume pieces at thrift stores or second-hand shops near you.

Phineas Ferb Perry surfing

You can discover how to create a Phineas and/or Ferb costume at, and also find out about making your own Perry/Agent P outfit at Wondering about almost just about some of the other major characters on the show? Follow the instructions for each character as follows.

Candace promotional image 2

Candace: She keeps trying to bust her brothers, but we all know what happens. Take a red sleeveless top, a white tennis or ballet skirt (even white skorts are okay in our book), add a red belt, and ankle socks along with either white mary jane shoes or white sneakers with red shoelaces, and top it off with either a long orange wig or orange hair spray. And if you don't have a skirt, you can also wear pants with a couple of small stuffed squirrel toys on them as an option to have "Squirrels In My Pants" just like in the live stage show, only without those goggle eyes. If it's a tad chilly on that night to go out, then layer this atop a leotard and tights or unitard that matches your skin to help keep yourself warm.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: You won't be confused with the retro pharmacist fashion statement in this outfit. Wear a black t-shirt or turtleneck top, depending on what you have at home, either green, brown or gray slacks and a white labcoat or butchers' coat. Add a empty water blaster and carry it as your trick-or-treat-inator as well if it's allowed in your area. Bonus points for carrying an Agent P stuffed toy in a trap (like a birdcage). No stuffed toy? Those points can also be earned if you're an adult, and have one of your children (or convince a friend or other family member) to dress up like Perry. Extra bonus points can be accomplished if you can make a Devolition-inator helmet and don that on your head with records on your fingers along with a wireless game control (such as an XBOX or PS3) with Perry, thus bringing the "There's a Platypus Controlling Me" scene from "Brain Drain" to life. Or get a helium-filled balloon made up like Balloony to carry around.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella: Whatcha doin'? For this costume, you'll need lots of pink, especially the bubblegum shade for a bow, sneakers, and sleeveless dress along with white knee-high socks and t-shirt or turtleneck. Add a darker shade pink belt to complete the look. For her Fireside Girl leader uniform, change the dress color to orange with a brown skirt bottom, add an orange beret with a red bow attached, change the belt color to red and finish it off with a yellow sash with various geometric shapes ("patches") to wear across the outfit.

Isabella26 - FSG only

Fireside Girls: Everyone needs help for a big idea, and Troop 46231 is always there to supply that. Take an orange top like a shirt or a blouse, place red trim with a fabric paint marker on the sleeve ends and around the neck, wear with a brown skirt, and then add the previously mentioned red belt, orange beret (sans Isabella's bow) and yellow patch sash from Isabella's troop leader uniform. Of course, selling their cupcakes is optional. Our List of Fireside Girl Accomplishment Patches page also has images of patches that can be downloaded onto your computer and printed out on an iron-on sheet for more authenticity.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz: Her look is described by her father as "vampire-pilgrim-scuba diver" in Minor Monogram, but it's really just a classic gothic/punk rocker style. A matching set of black leather jacket, a pair of pants, boots (not being used as traps) and a brown wig are perfect for this outfit, except of course, if the hair is naturally brown. And ladies, if you can ask dad or your boyfriend to don the previously mentioned Dr. Doofenshmirtz costume, have some fun with it.

So there you have it, a guide to quick and easy do-it-yourself costumes of your favorite characters from the Tri-State Area. If you're planning to make these outfits for a anime, sci-fi or other type of convention or even wear multiple times of this costume even before or after All Hallows' Eve, invest in a wig for your character, especially online or at a costume supply store. This is mostly because color hair spray is a pain in the neck to remove, and you may need to lather, rinse and repeat with your shampoo multiple times to completely get the color out.

After Halloween, if you want to show us your pictures of you in a handmade or licensed Phineas and Ferb Halloween costume, remember that our Annual Fanart Issue comes out at the end of the year. Please submit those pictures to us at the Wiki (and if you're under the age of 18, get your parents or caretaker's permission to do so,) by downloading them and putting them in our Newsletter article submission form or by contacting either RRabbit42 or Topher208 on their message walls. Maybe we'll see you at the end of the year showing off your love for these guys. (There's also a blog where you can discuss your costumes.)

Review: Not the only one who's surprised

by RRabbit42

When I was considering what episodes to review this time, I discovered that there were two that I completely missed. Sometimes I have missed an episode when it's shown by itself so that it can be paired with another single episode from another series like Fish Hooks and I can catch it when its normal paired episode finally airs. But in this case, I missed two that premiered on the same night as a "full" episode.

So this review is going to be a new experience for me. I am going to try writing it in one pass as I watch the episodes. I might pause them to catch up or write down a particular thought, but this will be the first time I've seen them. A one-shot review.

And it's got me wondering. What was I doing on June 8th that I missed the premiere?

Sleepwalk Surprise

326a - Scored

Candace starts having a conversation with her inner thoughts as to how effective she's been with busting her brothers and realizes she's resorting to standing by until they do something bustworthy. Just as she's about to take time off to go be with Jeremy, she slips up and actually gives Phineas and Ferb their Big Ideas for the day: jetpacks and volleyball. When Jeremy comes over, he thinks it's a great idea and this puts Candace in the uncomfortable position of having to stop her mom from going in the backyard.

Candace stumbles through several activities with her mom, but Linda begins to feel like she should go see what's happening. As Candace tries to prevent her from doing that, Linda starts getting a bit angry. Some quick thinking and a cell phone provide a last-minute distraction.

Previously, Agent P receives only part of his briefing from Major Monogram, who has fallen asleep because he was monitoring Dr. Doofenshmirtz all evening. As Agent P arrives at Doofenshmirtz Evil, Incorporated, Doofenshmirtz accuses him of making Inators during the night, but quickly realizes that he was the one doing it in his sleep. He's been getting some help from his subconscious, but he's a little put out that they're working better than the ones he normally builds.

It turns out his inner self was giving him a hand, and he finds out that the three Inators are supposed to be connected. But of course, it doesn't last, and as the three are being disposed of, they fire and wind up helping Candace celebrate her "two month, nine-day anniversary" with Jeremy.

Sci-Fi Pie Fly

326b - Non-Reaction

Candace trudges downstairs, a little depressed about not getting anywhere with busting her brothers. Her solution is to take a day off, a "me day". She works pretty hard to have one, going so far as not changing out of her bath robe and slippers, and just letting the day go by in front of the TV.

Even when there's several opportunities for her to bust her brothers, her "me day" wins out. Even when Stacy points out the "ultimate bust" is hers, her "me day" wins out. And even when Phineas and Ferb's Big Idea is still there in the middle of the night, her "me day" still wins out.

Most of Agent P's mission briefings are pretty standard. Not this one. Major Monogram has decided to conduct it as a puppet show, complete with his own song. Though it has its own charm when compared to the boat ride mission given during "The Lake Nose Monster", Monogram winds up being embarassed by it. But it's enough information for Agent P to use in thwarting Dr. Doofenshmirtz's attempt to get revenge against a pizza shop owner.

The search for the source of the crop circles that so intrigues their father leads Phineas and Ferb to build their own UFO, sparking a wave of UFO sightings over Danville. But exactly what are the residents of Danville seeing? Maybe something a little different than you think....

Parting thoughts

I thought it was kind of clever to take the "it was all a dream... or was it?" trope and turn it back on itself, kind of like how "That's the Spirit" and "Invasion of the Ferb-Snatchers" ended. And in the middle of writing this review, I realized that the two episodes share a common theme of Candace realizing that she's not doing so well in her busting efforts. Though each episode is usually independent of the others, it's nice to see one episode mesh into its partner episode so well, especially when one is not a sequel or a "part 2" episode.

It's a little bit puzzling why Buford decided to be so stubborn in the second episode. Apparently, little things like facts shouldn't get in the way of skepticism. Or maybe he just needs the right circumstances to get him to open his mind.

Finally, the one thing I haven't figured out is what the title "Sci-Fi Pie Fly" means. Is it a reference to Plan 9 From Outer Space where they used pie plates for the flying saucers? Someone will have to explain it to me. Leave me a message or put it in the comments for this issue.

Costumes and Cosplay

by RRabbit42

When Mouseinphilly and I were discussing articles for this month, costumes were going to be a big part of it. Great, I thought. I'll just head down to Walmart and see what they've got. After all, Phineas and Ferb is a popular TV show with a growing amount of merchandise. Surely they will have some P&F costumes.

Um, no. Okay, how about Target. Nope. There's a new Spirit Halloween store not far from where I live, they'll have them. All they had was the laplander knit hat that I bought from Spencer Gifts last month. Hey, there's a Party City store! Sorry, none there, either. (But read the next article to see how Party City came through for me.)

It appears that by now, all of the stores have received their entire selection of the costumes they are going to carry this year. And unfortunately Phineas and Ferb is not amongst them. One of the employees mentioned that it's likely due to licensing restrictions by Disney. Maybe next year we'll see costumes in the local stores (in child and adult sizes, please), but there are some costumes that can be purchased online. Let's take a look at what's available.

Spirit Halloween is a seasonal store that opens in September each year. Right now, they have two costumes of Phineas, two of Ferb and two of Agent P. They also have two "sassy agent" costumes for girls and a Perry the Platypus headpiece. If you're looking to make your own Agent P costume, they have a faux suede adventure hat that looks like it will be a good match for Perry's fedora. The two "sassy agent" costumes can also be found at Costume Supercenter and Wholesale Costume Club.

Now, one thing I need to mention here is that Spirit (as well as other online stores) has three masks available. If you check the website, you'll see that they're somewhat Phineas-like and somewhat Ferb-like. These have been around for a couple years, but they're a bit disappointing. The black marks around the eyes are the cutouts so you can see while wearing the mask. The Agent P mask looks pretty good, but he's blue instead of teal. If you want a Phineas mask or a Ferb mask, head on over to Costume Express, Buy Costumes or Halloween Costumes 4U for two of the boys that look a lot better.

Earlier in this newsletter, we had some directions on how to make your own costumes. People that put a lot of effort into them will go to a convention to show off their "cosplay" (costume play) and will often act in character of the character they're portraying.

I thought it would be really neat idea to get tips from some of them on how they made their costumes, but I ran out of time. So, instead, here are some links to some of the good cosplay pictures over on deviantArt:

Hands-on with the P&F merchandise, part 52

by RRabbit42

I had originally planned to have two different types of merchandise reviews this time, but as it turns out, there were so many items in the first one that the second one, a game, is going to be held for a future issue.

DesignWare 2012 party supplies sampler

Two issues ago, I showed you the sixteen new party items I found at Walmart. As I was heading to Target to pick up a couple of items, I saw a Party City store next to it. This picture shows you just some of what I found there.

I had stopped at the Party City store to see what Phineas and Ferb costumes they had. As you already know since you've read the other articles in this issue, they didn't have any, but their regular selection of birthday party supplies more than made up for it.

What I am showing you here is just the new products I found. The store carries more items like those I reviewed last month like napkins, paper plates and cups. But they also have some of the previous party supplies that other stores like Walmart have long since rotated out of their selections. For example, I saw the centerpiece that I reviewed two years ago in issue 29. The centerpiece is the picture just after the one of the Phineas balloons. I'm pretty sure there were more of the previous birthday party supplies, but that's the one I remember because I decided to buy another to keep as a spare.

So, keeping that in mind, let's take a look at that they offer to help you organize your party.

DesignWare 2012 Giant Scene Setter Wall Decorating Kit DesignWare 2012 Giant Scene Setter Wall Decorating Kit - 3 posters

On the left is the Giant "Scene Setter" wall decoration kit and next to it is my Transforming Perry plush figure looking at three of them hung on the wall. The wall decorations use static electricity to help cling to the wall, but you'll have to use tape or thumbtacks if you want them to straighten completely out.

DesignWare 2012 'You're Invited' Invitations DesignWare 2012 'You Rock!' Thank You Cards DesignWare 2012 Molded Cake Candle Set DesignWare 2012 12 inch Balloons
DesignWare 2012 Crepe Streamer DesignWare 2012 Phineas and Ferb Confetti DesignWare 2012 Perry Face Party Hats DesignWare 2012 Foil Swirl Decorations
Anagram Balloons 2012 Agent P Balloon Bouquet Zak!Kidz 2012 Let's Get This Party Started Pull-Top Bottle DesignWare 2012 Platypus Anonymous 16 ounce Party Cup

You're going to need invitations and when the party is over, thank you cards to send to all your guests. Candles for your cake, balloons (which can be filled with helium), streamers, confetti, party hats, some foil swirl decorations to hang from the ceiling, a balloon bouquet, pull-top drink bottles, and "Platypus Anonymous" cups that you can write your name on.

The balloon bouquet is made by Anagram Balloons, and the pull-top bottles are made by Zak! Designs, part of their Zak!Kidz line. If you follow the links, you'll see that they have even more Phineas and Ferb items. Everything else featured in this review is made by DesignWare.

DesignWare 2012 Pin the Tail on Perry game DesignWare 2012 Fabulous Perry Star Glasses DesignWare 2012 Phineas and Ferb Bracelets DesignWare 2012 Magnifying Glass party favor pack
DesignWare 2012 Clicking Camera DesignWare 2012 Binoculars DesignWare 2012 Skateboard party favor pack DesignWare 2012 Agent P plastic hat
DesignWare 2012 Temporary Tattoos DesignWare 2012 Phineas and Ferb Pencils DesignWare 2012 Mega Mix Value Pack

To keep everyone entertained, there is a "Pin the Tail on Perry" game. Most of the paper blindfolds that come with it have the "Perry face" on them, but there's one with the fabulous glasses that we saw Agent P wear as a disguise back in "Vanessassary Roughness". Quite a bit of this year's merchandise is themed around him, but the glasses are also showing up in a few more places, such as the sunglasses shown right next to it.

After that, we have bracelets, magnifying glasses, a "clicking camera" that will show some scenes when you look in them and press the button, binoculars, skateboards, a plastic hat, temporary tattoos and pencils.

The last item is the "Mega Mix Value Pack". It contains tops, kalidascopes (prism viewers), dog tags, kazoos, flying discs with a thrower and secret ID cards. It appears that someone took the ID cards out of the package before I bought it. I didn't even notice that until now.

DesignWare 2012 Agent P Loot Bags DesignWare 2012 Perry Faces Plastic Pails DesignWare 2012 Fabulous Perry Metal Party Favor Container

Now that you've seen all the things that might be given out at a Phineas and Ferb-themed party (and remember, that's not including earlier party supplies that are still available), whatcha gonna do about carrying all of them home?

Well, there's some "loot bags", but I think you will need something a little bigger. You could always use the plastic hat to carry them in, but why not get a 4½" high pail with two Perry faces printed on it. Or better yet, a lunchbox-style metal container with the fabulous glasses on it? Actually, if you also included the drinking cup and a plastic water bottle, you might wind up needing all three of these to carry them in.

Teal of Approval Certified Logo

With the exception of the plastic pails, plastic hats, binoculars and toy cameras, all of the products made by DesignWear are part of the Teal of Approval line. Even the fabulous Perry face metal party favor container is included. So you know you're getting quality products. And, it's not just a marketing slogan used by just one company. I think this is going to be used on many more products in the future.

Now, all of this is pretty good, and if you were to go to both Party City and Walmart, you could put together a great party, filled with lots of treats and lots of fun. But if you really wanted to go over the top, do a search for "Phineas" on the Party City website. They have even more than what's in the store.

The Deluxe Party Kit for 8 guests and 16 guests is a great value. It includes some of the things I've listed in this issue, some that were in issue 75 and new things like the centerpiece kit, blowouts (noisemakers), and the customizable birthday banner .

From there, add some sticker packs, popping candy, an award ribbon, a few more items over at the Birthday Express website, and you can turn your great party into a Ferb-tastic party for all your Phinatics.

Coming in two weeks:
  • Hands-on with the new merchandise
  • Mouseinphilly gets you ready for the ghosts and goblins coming to your door with some familiar looking Jack O'Lanterns that you can make.
  • Recent episodes review
  • Other articles to be determined (submissions wanted - send to RRabbit42 or use the Newsletter submissions page)

Got a question or comment about this issue? Leave them below.

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