Where's Perry Part 1/2

Ignatius Ukareamü

Lawrence's Classmate when Lawrence is young

Flynn-Fletcher family was heading out for there new vacation in Africa with there father's friend that live in africa but Perry was left because he was ordered to left out the Flynn-Fletcher vacation so Perry use's the Sick trick where Perry act's like a Sick platypus so Phineas and Ferb left him in there house and Phineas and Ferb got sad

After they left perry at home Perry head out in his Secret Lair and Major Monogram tells to stop Doofensmirthz in doing some Diabolical Inators ,so Perry is now heading to Doofensmirthz's Building but something weird Doofensmirthz's Evil Scheme goes like Fast Forward and then Doofensmirthz's was like a crazy man so Perry left him out but Doofensmirthz was hiding another inator which is Ultimate-Evil-Inator and it was hit to Carl so carl Become a super Ultimate Evil character
Evil carl

After that, Phineas and ferb was decided to but a Highly Unconventional Vehicle to see what inside in Unchata George so after returning to the Research Facility they've begin to build a highly Unconventional Vehicle

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