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  • PerryPerry

    Christmas Songs

    December 7, 2009 by PerryPerry

    I just visited the Itunes store and found out that the Christmas songs from our famous episode are totally free! I have no idea if the songs will be release in a soundtrack or not, but let's enjoy the videos for now! As far as I know, you must have an account to download the videos.

    Note: The songs are in Season 2 with other episodes.

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  • PerryPerry

    Perry needs someone

    August 28, 2009 by PerryPerry

    I was watching "Perry lays an egg" when I came out with the idea. A female platypus comes and lives at Isabella's house. When Isa bring her platypus to the Flynn-Fletcheer house, Perry comes near her and chatters. She chatters back. Phineas sees that, he thinks that Perry likes Isa's new pet, and it's so wonderful and decides to make a new home for the platypuses as they are going to be a family soon. Well, I can't think of what's next. Anybody help?

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