"There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation,
'Til school comes along just to end it,
So the annual problem for our generation,
Is finding a good way to spend it...''"
Bowling For Soup[source]

It was on a magnificent day that Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher dreamt up their first big idea; to build a rollercoaster. From that day on, they have never run out of things to do, and their adventures range from building rockets to doing nothing at all. Of course, we can't forget Candace, who tries to buts them, or thier pet platypus, Perry, who fights his evil nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz on a daily basis.

But if there is one thing we cannot forget in this series, it is the songs. In a way, the songs are the essence of Phineas and Ferb; they can show the mood or tell us a story, as well as a whole range of other things. Some songs are meaningless, others are emotional, but they are still songs.

A Summer of Song is a collection of blogs to do with songs, including lyrics, an analysis and a rating out of 10 as said by myself. I may also include a challenge or competition every once in a while. I will try and make the blogs as original as possible, and would appreciate feedback as well.

Until then,

- Phineas Flynn

"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"
Phineas to Ferb[source]