As you may or may not have heard, Fish Hooks is coming soon to Disney Channel. And I know you know that a movie is coming.

I thought...hey! This is awesome! But...remember when Spongebob was actually good? Then the movie came? Well, did you know that the movie was originally going to be the series finale? Bad thing it wasn't. After the movie, Spongebob went horrible. It's like a plane fell 100,000 ft. to the ground. At 1,000,000 MPH. And remember, Dan Povenmire took over Spongebob.

So, we have 2 problems with Phineas and Ferb. It's movie could be the last episode. If it miraculously isn't, it may go bankrupt in comedy. It'll go RANDOM, not FUNNY.

So this is exactly why I keep telling people that Phineas and Isabella are gonna kiss in/before the movie. Because it may be the last episode. If Isabella and Phineas do not kiss in/before the movie...


Then there is the problem of Fish Hooks.

Dang it

I'm 90% sure that it's gonna cause little or no affection to Phineas and Ferb, BUT, there's always a chance.

So that gives you a thought...think about it...sorry if I scared you...but comment what you think in the comments. This is very important.

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