If a single war breaks out, Im deleteing this blog.

Everyone is making a huge deal about Phinbella since I have been gone. My blog about them kissing has never stopped. The thing is, after 6 months of deciding, i don't think they are gonna kiss until the show ends.

Sure, it will have it's time, but you guys keep arguing that the show will end because of it.

Well, you think Phineas is gonna leave his LOVED ONES for a girl? Very smart. For those you think the show will end...

...shut up. Im getting tired of the wars. Just settle it and say "I think they will kiss" or something like that. Not wars.

Maybe they will kiss. I dunno. You figure it out. Don;t say in caps lock "NO, THE SHOW IS GONNA END BECAUSE OF PHINBELLA! IF YOU AGREE WITH ME, LETS START A WAR!" or "GOD ******, PHINBELLA WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! START A WAR IF YOU AGREE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

...lets not. I mean, this is about a kids show, do you really think a kids show would have kissing?

(Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, Wizards, Sonny, Suite Life...)

Ok, but has anyone kissed in the show?

(Candace/Jeremy, Vanessa/Ferb, Baljeet/Wendy...)

OK. On the lips?

(Candace/Jeremy, Baljeet/Wendy, even Linda and...)

OK, maybe I should shut up. I think they will, but the point is don't get into a huge huge mega war because you don't agree on one little thing. I love Phinbella, Im the only male fan ever that is a fan of Phinbella, I dream about it at night 5 days a week, I think about it during tests at schools, I pretend im phineas all the time and Isabella is an imaginary person walking though the door and I kiss her...

...OK, I might be a little obsessive, but Im not getting in a war.

One war, Im deleting the blog. Im cancelling the comments on the other blog until this is settled. You guys need therapy...

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