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    It's been a long, long day and there were moments when I (1) that we'd ever reach the point where we could (2) and (3) about it. Now the sun has set on this another (4) day, and when it comes around again you'll know I'll say.

    Bow, Chicka, Bow-Wow! That's what my baby says! Mow-mow-mow! And my (5) starts pumping! Chicka-Chicka Choo Wap! Never gonna (6)  ! (7) means that I love you!

    There's a new cop on the (8) and I'm bringing down the heat. My eyes are wise to all your (9) 'cause you're not that (10)

    Just Fill in the Blanks!

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    P & F Trivia Quiz!

    October 3, 2010 by Pretty pink123
    1. Who voices Jeremy?
    2. When was Katie's first appearance?
    3. From what episode was my avatar from?
    4. True or False: Doofenshmirtz hates taxi drivers
    5. Who voiced Amanda from Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo?
    6. What was the color of Stacy's ribbon in Run Away Runway?
    7. Who one in Let's All Dance Until We're Sick?
    8. Who said this quote: "One of you, get off the stage!"
    9. From what episode is this quote: "I'll meet you at F.E.H.?!"
    10. Who voices Stacy?
    11. Who was the last customer of Chez Platypus?

    No cheating please. But I won't get mad

    I will change the questions every 3 weeks. And I will put the correct answers before I put new questions.

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    and more RANDOM Questions!!!

    1. If you were Phineas, what would you plan to build?

    a. A 20 ft. swimming pool!

    b. A telescope that allows you to discover Neptune!

    c. A giant burger!

    d. (Insert your answer here and why?)

    2. If you were Candace, what would you plan to do besides busting P&F?

    a. Call Stacy

    b. Hang out with Jeremy

    c. Watch television

    d. (Insert your answer here)

    3. If you were Doofenshmirtz, what would you plan to build?

    a. Video-inator! It will make you the best internet sensation!

    b. Riddle-inator! It will make you answer all the crossword puzzles in the world!

    c. Wish-inator! It will grant you wishes!

    d. (Insert your answer here and tell what it does)

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