and more RANDOM Questions!!!

1. If you were Phineas, what would you plan to build?

a. A 20 ft. swimming pool!

b. A telescope that allows you to discover Neptune!

c. A giant burger!

d. (Insert your answer here and why?)

2. If you were Candace, what would you plan to do besides busting P&F?

a. Call Stacy

b. Hang out with Jeremy

c. Watch television

d. (Insert your answer here)

3. If you were Doofenshmirtz, what would you plan to build?

a. Video-inator! It will make you the best internet sensation!

b. Riddle-inator! It will make you answer all the crossword puzzles in the world!

c. Wish-inator! It will grant you wishes!

d. (Insert your answer here and tell what it does)

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