Hello Phineas and Ferb Wikians! I'm a Wikia Helper from Wikia International Team, but who I am is not important, the important thing is that I came here to send a notice to you which you will love to hear.

I have send a nomination to Wikia, in order to nominate a user to become a new Wikia Star, and no one else, that is the most respected and beloved administrator: RRabbit42.

He is well-known for his great contribution, level head and cool demeanor, not only in this wiki, but also featured in Staff's blog in Community Central. I do not need to say much, because you are the people who know best.

  • The Wikia Stars program is a global group of Wikia community members selected for their leadership in collaboration and creation within their individual communities. They are experts at creating, building and managing their communities, and through the Stars program, they extend their knowledge to help others grow your communities. Wikia Stars will be invited to collaborate across Wikia, on vertical hubs, Community Central or on the corporate wiki. They will be invited to events, demo programs and participate in relevant press opportunities.
  • This program does not grant these users any rights that they don’t already have. It is simply a way to showcase and celebrate the great work they are doing.

As Topher once said, with his level head and cool demeanor, RRabbit42 makes an excellent candidate to become a new Wikia Star.

I'd love to hear your view, community. I strongly believe that he will be the unique Wikia Star you have ever seen, in your own wiki.

For more information, please visit:

Your sincerely,

Rémy@@fandom (tườngemail) 14:58, September 27, 2014 (UTC)

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