Originally announced in Tri-State Gazette Issue 13.

Every user that signs up for an account can choose a picture to represent themselves on the wiki. They show up on your User page, your Talk page, your blogs and blog comments and a few other places. In this newsletter, we use these pictures for the author credits.

Each of these pictures is called an avatar. Previously, you had to supply your own picture. Now we have a selection of Phineas and Ferb characters and objects that that you can choose from. Directions are available on the new Avatars page that will show you how to set a picture as your avatar. At the moment, there isn't a way to choose directly from what's already been uploaded to the wiki, so you have to go through the step of saving the picture to your computer, then re-uploading it as your avatar.

Currently, there's a few avatars for most of the well-known characters, objects and groups of people, though we do not have any for some of the characters like Vivian, Norm, and Reginald. More will be added as we go along.

We plan on adding about 50 pictures per character. Any more than that and it becomes pretty cumbersome to look through all the pictures. If you don't see one that you like, you can put in a request on its Talk page for a new avatar from your favorite episode.

Once you pick an avatar, there's a separate page for you to tell us which one you picked. That will help us see what kinds of avatars people like and we can add more like them.

Since the avatar lists are still being built, you should check back every couple of weeks to see what new characters have been added, and to see the new avatars for each character. You may find a different picture that you like better. If you do pick a different avatar, remember to go back to the selection page and note the new avatar you picked.

PF duo - Title Sequence avatar 1   Adyson with hammer avatar   Jeremy ChezPatypus Avatar   Doofania No Roger avatar   VanessaJohnny Avatar   Perry - Rollercoaster avatar 5   Foreman - Rollercoaster avatar 4

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