The most recent issue of the Tri-State Gazette had a new contest: "Guess the Episode". We showed you a picture, now see if you can guess which episode it is from.

To submit your guess, go to the episode you think the picture is from. Then copy the address for the episode and add it here.

For example, to register your guess that the episode is "Rollercoaster", you would click on its title, then copy the following line from the address bar:


Then come back here and paste in your answer in a new comment.

We are having you submit the guess like this so that no one gets any extra clues about what the answer is. When you put the address in a single pair of quotes like that, it shows up as: [1].

The first person to submit the correct answer wins. For now, all we can offer you is fame and glory for answering the first contest correctly first, but later we might be able to offer something a little more substantial, such as a unique wallpaper picture or something like that.

Good luck, Agent P!

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