I just found out that it looks like no one got the February 16th issue of our newsletter. Right now, the program that lets me automate the newsletter delivery isn't working, which may or may not be related to everyone missing the last issue. So, I am trying to manually deliver the newsletters.

The problem is that everyone's Talk pages are getting so full from the newsletters that it takes a long time to make each edit. I've given up for the night. I will have to come back to this tomorrow.

In order to fix these problems, we're going to change how the newsletters are delivered. Instead of delivering the full newsletter, we're going to send you a link to the newsletter. This is going to have a few advantages:

  1. Your talk page will take up less space.
  2. It will load faster because it won't have to load in the pictures that are in every newsletter, especially a picture-laden issue like our bonus newsletters.
  3. The Table of Contents for your Talk page will be a lot less cluttered. You won't see an entry for every article in every newsletter. Just one entry for the newsletter itself.

I can go through and convert the previous issues to links so everyone starts getting the benefit of the reduced clutter and faster loading time. You can see an example of how it will look here.

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