While we wait for the new Message Wall system to replace our User Talk pages, we are also waiting to hear back from Wikia about a potential problem with the Wall.

There is a possibility that the Message Wall will not allow the AWB program to leave messages for you. We use AWB to add the link onto your Talk page and then the next time you log in (or the next time you look at a page if you're already logged in), you get notified you have a message.

We do it this way because we have over 100 subscribers to our newsletter. We tell the AWB program to go through the subscribers list and add the link one user at a time. Having to manually add the link to the latest issue isn't desirable.

If it turns out that we can't use AWB any more to automate the delivery, we need an alternative way of getting the issue to you. Let us know any ideas you have about how you want to read the newsletter.

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