Over the past two days, I have been going through the videos on this wiki. About two-thirds were either no longer available or were unused because we were linking directly to YouTube on the pages. Those are now gone and it's time to clean up the rest.

The names of the videos are pretty disorganized. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to move a video to a new name, so the only way rename them is to upload them again. I'll make sure any pages that use the old video's name are updated. If any of you are particulary attached to seeing your name as the uploader of the video, that's pretty much going to get erased when I re-upload it unless you happen to get to it before me. If you do, please use this format for the name:

name of song/video (song type)


  • "Summer Belongs To You" - Original Guide Demo would become Summer Belongs to You (guide track)
  • Phineas & Ferb Songwriting Demo for Just Passing Through would become Just Passing Through (demo)
  • "Perry the Platypus" Theme would become Perry the Platypus Theme
  • Big Ginormous Airplane - Alternate Version would become Big Ginormous Airplane (alternate version)
  • Phineas & Ferb song - One good scare ought to do it - French Version would become One Good Scare (French version)

At the moment, there are 127 videos, so it will take a little bit of time to get them straightened out. Let's keep it organized as new videos are uploaded in the future:

  • Don't upload a video unless you use it on a page.
  • Don't upload videos that aren't about Phineas and Ferb unless you're going to immediately use them on your User/Profile page. (But don't upload things that could get you blocked.)
  • Adjust the video name at the time you upload it. Strip out the extraneous stuff that is added on YouTube and other sites to improve search results (things like "Phineas and Ferb song", "lyrics HQ", etc.). It doesn't help here and leads to what I described above for delete & re-upload in order to change the name.
  • Double-check the song title to see if it's being called something different than its official name. For example, Danny's Story instead of History of Rock.

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