As mentioned in our newsletter, Wikia is enhancing the menus that are at the top of every page. They have announced that we can now activate it on our wiki, so it's time to get ideas about what you want in those menus.

We currently have these menus:

  • Characters
    • Clicking on "Characters" takes you to the Characters category.
    • The other seven choices fill in automatically, based on popularity.
  • Episodes (same two methods as above)
  • Songs
    • (the Songs category)
    • List of songs
    • The other six choices fill in automatically.
  • Community
    • Clicking on "Community" takes you to our Community Portal.
    • New page, blog or picture: our Page Creation Portal.
    • Forums, voting, blogs: our Discussions Portal.
    • FAQ, Help, Policies: our Help Portal
    • Tri-State Gazette newsletter
    • Fanon, Sister Wikis, IRC, Message Board: our Destinations Portal
    • Merchandise Portal
    • The Recent Changes list

The Community menu is kind of squished together because we had to fit in as much as we could once we lost the menus on the left last year.

There will be a new menu that we can't change called "On the Wiki", which will have links to Wiki Activity, Random Page, New Photos and Chat. From there, we get the following:

  • Four main menus, like we have now.
  • Each of these can have 7 choices.
  • Each of the 7 choices can have 10 items.

That's a grand total of 280 links we can have in the menu, so there's plenty of room to fit in what we need. So now the question is: what do we need in the menu?

If you want to see how the menu works, go to the test site. The third menu levels are under "In Universe > Characters", "Series > Music" and "Series > Merchandise".

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