In January, Wikia posted a Stand Up and Speak Out blog about dealing with cyberbullying. As a companion to that and to wrap up the articles inspired by the events at Emerald City Comic Con this year, I'd like to know what people think is the answer to the question of "What is a bully?"

What I am looking for would be a general description of what a bully is and does, and this can be for both the real world and examples we see on TV or movies. With Phineas and Ferb, we have Buford, who picks on Baljeet but doesn't go much farther than that.

Note: if you currently are experiencing bullying yourself, this blog isn't the place to report it or to seek help. You need to talk to someone in authority where you live, or contact the people that run the website where it's happening.

I will use the answers in an upcoming article, which would make this our first "crowdsourced" article, or at least the first one in a very long time.

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