• Ramjet 12

    Hello people, I just wanted to point out something I noticed a minute ago in Across The Second Dimension.

    1.the giant doofbot: remember when alternate dimension doof got in that giant robot of himself? well dr. Ivo Robotnik also made a giant robot of himself wich can be seen here.

    2.both villians have dr. in the name sutch as dr.doofenschirtz, and dr. ivo robotnik.

    3.both villians command evil robot armies.

    4.both villains have an arch nemesis that is in the shade of blue sutch as sonic and perry.

    5.both sonic and perry have robotic/semi-robotic counterparts, perry has alternate dimension perry. and sonic has metal sonic seen here.

    6. both perry and sonic are animals that do things most animals don`t

    7. both villains have roboticized animals before. …

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  • Ramjet 12

    my character idea

    August 14, 2010 by Ramjet 12
    • name:Stan
    • age:10
    • relatives:????
    • friends:Phineas,Ferb,Isabella,Baljet,Jermy,Stacy,Perry.
    • enimies:Candace,Norm,Dofensmartz,Bufard
    • notes:even though Dofensmartz created him as a livng being his purpse was a minion but he went rouge.
    • he takes the form of a 10 year old male kid but he can mutate into a 10 story monster with the power to eat a tree with one bite.
    • he is enamies with Bufard becouse Bufard ate his hypno-watch that he tried to hypnotise Candce with.
    • he is enamies with Candce becouse she alwas tries to bust P&F but sometimes when he is relly anoyed with her he cons her into not busting them
    • it is unknown why he hates Norm
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