• name:Stan
  • age:10
  • relatives:????
  • friends:Phineas,Ferb,Isabella,Baljet,Jermy,Stacy,Perry.
  • enimies:Candace,Norm,Dofensmartz,Bufard
  • notes:even though Dofensmartz created him as a livng being his purpse was a minion but he went rouge.
  • he takes the form of a 10 year old male kid but he can mutate into a 10 story monster with the power to eat a tree with one bite.
  • he is enamies with Bufard becouse Bufard ate his hypno-watch that he tried to hypnotise Candce with.
  • he is enamies with Candce becouse she alwas tries to bust P&F but sometimes when he is relly anoyed with her he cons her into not busting them
  • it is unknown why he hates Norm

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