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Raz1515 survey

Raz1515 May 18, 2012 User blog:Raz1515

Hey everyone. i was bored so i decided to make a survey. here's 8 questions and enjoy answering them.

  1. who your favourite character?
  2. if you can have some of phineas and ferb inventions, what would you choose?
  3. if you can have some of doofenshmirtz inators, what would you choose?
  4. name the coolest episode you watch
  5. list 2 songs you like best
  6. list 2 evil jingle you like best
  7. Name 4 people or animal that you hope will come alive
  8. Will isabella make phineas fall in love with her?(yes or no)

Pls answer all or at least most of the Qns. thank you

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