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    Top Ten Songs of 2011

    December 31, 2011 by Robot Riot11

    As the last day of this year is ticking down, I decided to make a poll of the top ten songs of Phineas and Ferb.

    Rules are simple, pick your favorite Phineas and Ferb song that was first shown in 2011. I will tally the scores by what you picked.

    The deadline is January 10, 2012, a little before the first of the Phineas and Ferb songs 2012. Remember just one vote.

    1. Summer (Where Do We Begin?) (5)


    • Mysterious Force (3)
    • Carpe Diem (3)


    • Everything's Better With Perry (2)
    • Whatcha Doin (3)


    • Kick It Up A Notch
    • Brand New Reality
    • Robot Riot
    • Rollercoaster (song)
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  • Robot Riot11

    Last I was watching TV and edition disney 365 about the Son of Neptune book by the author Percy Jackson series hosted by Vincent Martella.

    After Vincent was done interviewing he got interviewed by dressed up as some kind of god (poor memory). He some stuff about the show I noticed while he was talking. It looked like a new episode that looks like an amusement park made out of cheese.

    I don't know someone made a page about it but I'm just spreading the word.

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    User of The Month Idea

    October 13, 2011 by Robot Riot11

    So I stumbled across the phineas and ferb fanon wiki and there might be something that could be here too.

    There is a thing called user of the month. It is something simalar to song of the month. Someone nominates a user RRabbit42 or Topher. We see who has most votes and wins.

    Please give me your opinion about this idea.

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  • Robot Riot11

    Some people already know that soon it is Vincent Martella birthday!

    I just want you to think what would happen if Vincent didn't get the part of Phineas Flynn.It would even worse (In my opinion) than the replacement Dukey voice actor of Jonhny Test.Or any other main that got replaced.

    So in other words,happy birthday to him,happy birthday to him,happy birthday to Vincent Martella,and hope it's a good one too.Woo!

    P.S This is my first blog.

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