Hello everybody, this is Rosiesievers20, and this is my first blog on this wiki.

So far Season 4 is turning out to be really great so far, last night I had watched the Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne, and it was awesome!

Here's what I like so far in this Season:

  • Storylines are great
  • I like the new voice actresses for Holly and Ginger, Diamond White and Michaela Zee.
  • Songs are fantastic.

I am looking forward to see the special crossover episode with the Marvel characters, it is going to be wicked.

Here's what I want to see and some of the info has confirmed already:

  • More focus on the Isabella and Phineas relationship.
  • Isabella asking for relationship advice from Candace.
  • Candace, Jeremy, Stacy, Coltrane and Jenny appear in the episode Happy Birthday Isabella.
  • Another musical episode, like Rollercoaster the Musical.
  • More appearances from Coltrane, Jenny and Monty Monogram.
  • A new Christmas episode where the cast is doing a variety show with special guests.
  • Another episode with Phineas and the Ferbtones.

So here is my question for you to answer, what would you like to see in Season 4? Feel free to comment and thanks for any feedback.

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