What you gonna does when you don't know what the ratings do? Read Volume 4 of The Numbers Game, of course! Welcome to your home for U.S. Phineas and Ferb ratings news.

Last weekend saw Disney Channel US premiere its first new Phineas and Ferb episode of 2010, "What Do It Do? / Atlantis". Coming off of a spectacular performance by "Christmas Vacation!", I was hoping for a big number for the new-to-DC episode, but it was not meant to be as "What Do It Do? / Atlantis" failed to crack the Cable Top 25 for the week.[1] With Disney Channel not deeming its latest Night of Premieres worthy of a press release, all that we know is that the episode scored fewer than 3.65 million total viewers.

But the news for the week is not all boring. In its 17th week on the charts (corresponding to January 12-18), the soundtrack reclaimed No. 1 on the Billboard Kids Albums chart[2] for its fourth week on top (although the first one since October). While a dearth of new non-holiday releases in the category certainly didn't hurt that matter, the soundtrack has also shown strong staying power past the Christmas season, another encouraging sign for those of us hoping for a new disc this summer.

The Numbers Game would like to remind all of you to watch the new episodes beginning Ferbruary 6th on The Emoticon Channel. If enough of you do, that'll give me something to write about! Until next time, remember that the numbers never lie.


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