Whatcha doin'? Well, since you're here, you're reading Volume 5 of The Numbers Game, your home for U.S. Phineas and Ferb ratings news.

As you surely know, "Just Passing Through / Candace's Big Day" premiered on Disney Channel US last weekend. Unfortunately, it was doing so against the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, so despite a new Suite Life on Deck leading in, the episode was unable to secure the 3.78 million viewers needed to crack the Cable Top 25 this week.[1] This marks 3 consecutive regular episodes that have failed to crack the Top 25 since "The Bully Code / Finding Mary McGuffin" came in at Number 10 back in November.

However, there were some other numbers this week, and they astounded me. For the week of January 31 through February 6, Phineas and Ferb had the Number 6 most visited website amongst all broadcast and cable TV shows![2] Only SpongeBob, South Park, Lost, American Idol and The Bachelor received more visitors at their websites. What makes this number surprising is that as those of you who have visited the site know, the games and the schedule are really the only reasons to even go there.

While there is no new episode on Disney Channel tonight, I will be back next week with a Very Special Edition of The Numbers Game, looking at the numbers behind the Kids' Choice Awards! Until then, remember that the numbers never lie.


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