Welcome to Volume 51 of The Numbers Game! It's time to grab your gundersacks and take a seat, because he's gonna get ya with a breakdown of the numbers of our favorite show.

"Der Kinderlumper" struck on Friday, Ferb-ruary 15, stuffing 3.140 million viewers[1] into its theoretical gundersack. This marked a 17 percent decrease from the previous episode, perhaps owing to the new later time slot. It was good for No. 3 among Disney's originals on the evening, falling behind episodes of Jessie and Gravity Falls but topping Fish Hooks.

Unsurprisingly, viewership also decreased among the target age groups. Phineas and Ferb earned a 6.5 rating among Kids 6-11, down 15 percent from two weeks prior. Interesting, viewership among Kids 2-11 only slipped by 11 percent to a 4.9 rating due to an increase in the coveted preschool demographic. The Tweens 9-14 age group checked in with a 5.0 rating, also good for an 11 percent decline.[2] Finally, among Adults 18-49, ratings fell by 12 percent, remaining at a 0.5 rating.[1]

As we all know, Saturday is Platypus Day 2013! In celebration, two new episodes are premiering this weekend: "Sidetracked" airs on Disney Channel on Platypus Eve, Friday, March 1 at 9:30PM Eastern (8:30 Central), and Emoticon gets into the act with "Primal Perry" on Platypus Day itself, so set your DVRs[3] for Saturday, March 2 at 8:00AM Eastern (7:00AM Central). The Numbers Game will be back with numbers on the former. Until then, Draw Perry, follow @RyanStoppable on Twitter, and remember...that the numbers never lie.


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