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The Numbers Game: Ready for Prime Time This Time

Unlike many other things, there's one thing you can count on not to get hacked: The Numbers Game! I'm just saying. Anyways, welcome to Volume 20 of the blog that breaks down the numbers of our favorite show.

Season 3 continued last Friday night with "Ask a Foolish Question / Misperceived Monotreme" premiering on Disney Channel. The new episode drew only 2.562 million viewers[1], an increase over the previous two new episodes, and also a 25 percent gain over its new Fish Hooks lead-in. While that is a more Candace party-sized audience than we've seen in the past, on a night where not even Wizards of Waverly Place could do much better[1] and only an NBA playoff game cracked the Cable Top 25[2], I don't believe it to be a cause for concern.

The new episode scored a 1.6 household rating on a 4.0 Kids 2-11 rating, good for No. 1 on Friday night cable in the show's target demographic, along with a 1.4 in Teens 12-17 and 0.3 in Adults 18-49.[1] ETA: In fact, it was Friday night's No. 1 show on all of television with Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14, ranking in the top 10 for the week in both groups.[3]

For something completely different, Phineas and Ferb's next new episode will be "Candace Disconnected / Magic Carpet Ride", airing Saturday, June 18 at 9:00 AM Eastern as we get ready for "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension"...which will NOT be premiering on June 24th, although another new episode will be.[4] Until then, follow me on Twitter, go Brewers!, and remember...that the numbers never lie.


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