The Numbers Game would like to apologize in advance if the title is not up to its usual standards this week - you see, I haven't actually seen the episode yet! But I have seen The Numbers, so let's do this! And by this, I of course mean Volume 53 of the blog that breaks down the numbers of our favorite show.

Phineas and Ferb celebrated the start of the 2013 baseball season (among other things) with "Mind Share" on Friday, April 5. While I have not seen it yet, 3.236 million viewers[1] did, a 9 percent increase over the prior Disney Channel premiere. In a slow week for cable viewing, this was good enough to find the bottom rung of No. 25 on the Cable Top 25.[2]

The episode also showed an improved performance among the target age groups. Among Kids 2-11, "Mind Share" scored a 4.9 rating, a 13 percent increase from the previous episode that was good for No. 3 on the week behind Friday night cohorts Jessie and Gravity Falls. Kids 6-11 saw a more modest 8 percent gain to a 6.3 rating, checking in at No. 4 on the week (also behind Sunday's Austin & Ally).[3][4] Finally, Adults 18-49 went against the trend with a 2 percent decline, leaving the rating unchanged at 0.5.[1]

Phineas and Ferb returns new tomorrow night, Friday, April 19 at 9:30PM Eastern (8:30 Central), with "Backyard Hodge Podge". Apparently, according to the schedule grid, "The boys create a new invention." Because, you know, that has never happened before. Until then, follow @RyanStoppable on Twitter, go Brewers!, and remember...that the numbers never lie.


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