From the middle of a foggy nothingness, welcome to Volume 8 of The Numbers Game, your home for U.S. Phineas and Ferb ratings news.

Another new episode, "Undercover Carl / Hip Hip Parade", hit Disney Channel US on Friday night - and thanks to the awesome Travis Yanan at the PI Feedback forums, I've got numbers for it! 3.245 million total viewers[1] tuned in for the latest episode, a decrease of 14 percent from last week's "I Was a Middle Aged Robot / Suddenly Suzy".

It accomplished this on a 1.9 household rating (3 share), which can be further broken down into a 4.9 rating (18 share) among Kids 2-11, a disappointing 1.7 (8) for Teens 12-17, and 0.5 (2) in Adults 18-49. Since I don't think I've mentioned it before, each ratings point equals one percent of the particular group in question, while the share is the percentage of group members who were watching TV in that particular time period.

I'm looking for the ratings to rebound next week with "The Beak". I...won't see you back here next week, as I'll be watching some spring training baseball down in Arizona! Instead, use that reading time to go vote Phineas and Ferb, and I'll have those numbers in 2 weeks.

Until then, remember that the numbers never lie.


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