Welcome to the only blog column that's not pretty lame compared to your average superhero, The Numbers Game! This is Volume 9 of your home for U.S. Phineas and Ferb ratings news.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I had been looking for the ratings to rebound with Ben Stiller's guest apperance in "The Beak", but they seemingly had other ideas. Although I was not around to pester people into giving me an exact number, the new episode drew less than 3.55 million total viewers, failing to crack the Cable Top 25 for the week.[1] One could make the claim that having the Emoticon premiere in prime time cut into the Disney Channel premiere's ratings, but the same scenario was in play for the two highest-rated Phineas and Ferb episodes of all time, "Christmas Vacation!" and the "Cliptastic Countdown", so I'm not sure if that's really a fair assessment.

On the positive side, Phineas and Ferb did reclaim its position as the No. 1 rated series among Kids 6-11 during that same week[2], averaging a 4.5 rating within that demographic.

It looks like the next new episode on Disney Channel will be "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers / Ain't No Kiddie Ride" on April 16[3], so this'll be the last Numbers Game for a few weeks. Until then, vote Phineas and Ferb, sign up for the message board, and remember that the numbers never lie.


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