So in the end of Phineas and Ferb Save Summer, after nearly being put in an ice age, the entire world (and summer) is saved, and all seems well with the world, right? One issue though. 

Did NO ONE notice that the world went through a MAJOR Environmental shift for a good period of time?! I mean, yes its an animated television show but lets ignore that for the moment. This is some extremely important stuff happening!

The ENTIRE Planet went through a major freeze. Imagine the environmental damage done. People would have died due to not being used to cold tempatures, entire species would have gone extinct due to not knowing how to handle the cold tempatures, food production would have been halted, agriculture would have been wiped out and died off, meaning less food, less resources, and therefore less people. 

A LOT of people would have froze to death and starved to this! Not to mention the damage to technology, animals, buildings, food, etc. Life in general would have been brought to a halt! We're talking about massive famine, starvation, a wide-scale worldwide disaster event here. The Economy would do horribly, causing a recession or depression, making more people poor, killing more people off. The entire planet would be in ruins for who knows how long. Summer would NOT just show up like "that". Maybe in a year it would return, but that's very unlikely. 

Yes, its an animated Disney Channel show geared for a family audience, but still... there's a major crisis that if this really happened. Hope Phineas and Ferb can find something to fix all of this. 

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