• Shego123

    BAD update

    April 9, 2011 by Shego123

    Remember my last blogNews: Video game 3 & DVDs? Now, I have to update it - sadly!

    Seems like Disney (Germany) changed their mind and are not releasing the complete first season but are starting to release it in volumes with the first being Team Phineas und Ferb. I hope it will not include the episode from the US version so that we can at least put all volumes together to the full season set. But this means the episode have to be in chronological order. Let's hope Disney does at least this thing well!


    EDIT: Okay, Disney is going stupid. Found a (believable) source that lists exactly the episodes from the US DVD. #DisneyFAIL

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  • Shego123

    Some great but short news to share:

    • The German voice actor of Candace told me they will voice the P&F video game soon which means it has in-between scenes :)
    • Even more amazing: Disney Germany confirmed that they'll release the first season on DVD this June!!!


    • Here are screenshots from the PS3 version of the game
    • Here's the NDS cover and some screenshots

    EDIT 2 Check out this BAD update!

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  • Shego123

    Whoa Disney linked the wiki!

    February 27, 2011 by Shego123

    I can't believe this! Go to and click on the "WIKI" button in the menu. Isn't that cool?? Shego123 14:30, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Shego123

    Hey guys, awesome news! Disney Germany just confirmed some new facts and I don't know what about you but I love that! First, they said that new P&F stuff is coming out AT LEAST til 2013 and re-confirmed that season 3 will include 35 episodes (á 22 minutes)! The products were launched successful in Europe since last fall. In Germany, it's the #1 series for boys between 6 and 13. In October and November it has had 33 million viewers (64%) in this age and has beaten SpongeBob (60%) with that. In 2011, they will release the following (in Germany): There will be a radio play for the movie coming out in fall and the German soundtrack for season 1 will finally come out this summer. They continue with new video games and DVD releases. The only DVD …

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