Hey guys, awesome news! Disney Germany just confirmed some new facts and I don't know what about you but I love that! First, they said that new P&F stuff is coming out AT LEAST til 2013 and re-confirmed that season 3 will include 35 episodes (á 22 minutes)! The products were launched successful in Europe since last fall. In Germany, it's the #1 series for boys between 6 and 13. In October and November it has had 33 million viewers (64%) in this age and has beaten SpongeBob (60%) with that. In 2011, they will release the following (in Germany): There will be a radio play for the movie coming out in fall and the German soundtrack for season 1 will finally come out this summer. They continue with new video games and DVD releases. The only DVD mentioned is the one for the movie which will come out in fall/winter. In the same period they'll release the video game "Phineas and Ferb 3" for Nintendo DS, Wii and Playstation Move.

So guys, this is all I know. Don't forget the release dates could be earlier for you! If you wish (I do :D ) comment on my blog and show your happiness lol

--Shego123 19:41, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

Update: I forgot to mention that there'll be a magazine coming out starting in June and coming out new every second month.

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