Now that Season 3 is coming to an end, it's time to look forword to Season 4 and wait for what amazing episodes that the writers will soon give to us fans. But let's reminisce about what Season 3 had to offer with your top 10 best episodes of the season. You can even explain why if you want. And if it's too hard to decide, then the top 5 countdown can work as well. Remember, it's everyone's own opinion so arguements and debates will be highly inappropriate. (Not counting the movie or the Blackout episode.)

My top 10:

10. Phineas's Birthday Clip-O-Rama!

9. Escape from Phineas Tower
325px-Title Sequence creator credits

Amazing that they've gotten this far!

8. Doof Dynasty

7. Delivery of Destiny

6. Sipping with the Enemy

5. Road Trip

4. Meapless in Seattle

3. Excaliferb

2. Minor Monogram

1. Where's Perry?

So name your favorites and see what other people thought were the best of the season!

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