I have been a member on this site for about seven days now, and I have noticed that there are many tertiary character stubs on this wiki. I think that the site would be better organized if all the tertiary character pages were amalgameted into one page, titled "Tertiary Characters in Phineas and Ferb." Please post your opinion in the form of a comment. Thanks!

For those of you who do not know what a tertiary character is, read this!

In any story, there are three types of characters. There are the primary characters, otherwise known as "main" characters. The main events of any given story center around these characters. (ie Phineas , Ferb , and sometimes Isabella ) Then there are secondary characters, or "supporting" characters. They support the primary charcters, but the story does not focus mainly on them. (ie Major Francis Monogram , Carl Karl , and Norm ) Finally there are tertiary characters, or "backround" characters. They have little to no role and almost never have any lines. They exist simply to add authenticity to the universe created by the storyteller. (ie Sassy Miss K , Ronaldo , and Unnamed Pinhead Pierre Actress)

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