At Phineas and Ferb Wiki, our purpose is to compile information on the animated television series Phineas and Ferb and blend it all into a comprehensible, useful encyclopedia where fans and non-believers alike can read and be informed about this genius show. But along the way, there are some basic things which are allowed to be included and expected from every user, more than just our general MOS policies. I'm talking about civility and topicality.

Every user—be it registered or IP—is expected to keep a certain amount of civility and humbleness to every user—be it registered or IP. If you disagree with a user's actions, do not yell at them and insult them, calmly inform them that you do not support their actions and believe that they violated our policies. If an admin does something you do not agree with, please understand it is always for the good of the community. Don't yell at them or other form of verbal chastising, just be civil. It's expected from every user—be it registered or IP.

Another thing we here at Phineas and Ferb Wiki expect from users—be it registered or IP—is that they stay on topic. A major problem which all of the members of the administration and several concerned users have been trying to tackle is the habit of blog comments generally sifting into series of "random" and rather useless comments that qualify as "spam" (which pretty much means incoherent nonsense or nonsensical discussions). We fully understand that this is a fun thing for users to do and creates an entertaining environment for users—be it registered or IP—but it really does create a bad image for the wiki and make us seem very unprofessional when the Wikia Hub features are most commented blogs and everyone sees that the majority of them are about off-topic material and petty arguments. We want to start being taken a bit more seriously and increase our editing content so people can start viewing us as a professional encyclopedia.

We understand this might take some time to adjust, but our main concern is that our professionalism is decreasing steadily as our edit count decreases as blogs increase. We're not trying to be rude or ruin anybody's fun, we're just trying to become less like Facebook and more like the encyclopedia we are. Happy editing.

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