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In the next issue of the Tri-State Gazette, I will review the episodes "Fireside Girl Jamboree," "The Bully Code," "Cheer Up Candace," and "Finding Mary McGuffin," in order to catch up with the episodes. However, it has come to my attention even after that, there will still be four other episodes to review for the next issue two weeks later. So, to help speed up the process, I will be reviewing "Picture This" and "Nerdy Dancin'" here on my blog while I will cover "Atlantis" and "What Do It Do?" in the November 30th issue of the Gazette. Hopefully, this will update us to the appropriate episode in review,

First up, we have "Picture This." This was quite an interesting episode which, as Topher brought up on IRC the other night, brought back up the old formula of the show a bit. Ferb has left his skateboard in England with Grandpa Reg so he and Phineas decide to build a matter transporter to retreat it. Putting in Reg again was a great idea, as old people jokes never get old, especially when the old person is just a bit too energetic. Having his legs being put back on backwards seemed like something from an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, but maybe that's just me. Anyhoo, the side story saw Doof trapping mimes in boxes — nothing else needs to be said; anything that defiles mimes is good in my book, lol. The songs in the episode seemed really random but were funny all in all. Overall, A.

Next was "Nerdy Dancin'." The A-plot of this episode was really uninteresting to me, but had some really great moments that saved it. Candace and Jeremy are entered into a new dance contest, but Jeremy can't dance. It's a rather cliche plot, but it was delivered quite humorously, particularly Ferb's dancing skills. He even wore the Tron outfit, and any reference to that movie is totally geek-tastic. Meanwhile, Doof tried to form a new evil legion called L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. (the name itself is totally fabulous) and get them in a broadcast on the dancing show. Seeing them all dance completely horribly was some great stuff. Plus, they brought back Norm! How awesome is that?! Overall, A.

We here at the Gazette apologize for the delay and have our review backlog fixed by the end of the month.

Agree with this review? Disagree? Can't decide? Leave your comments below.

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