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Voteing 3 Whats your Fave pop culture referance?

I think thats what it's called anyway... Mine is on "Out to Launch" where Ferb made mission controll bigger on the inside ( Because he is good with space LOL) wich was like the TARDIS ( Time and Relatave Deminsions in Space :)) on Doctor Who. My Secound Fave was on "Finding Mary Mcguffen" Where they did the CSI Miami thing ( YEAAAAH Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated!) so those are MY Faves ( but mine dont count :() and at the end of NEXT week I will tally the votes to see the most popular pop culture referance! (I will ALSO be looking in case there is not a majorty Fave wich EPISODE had the most FAVES!)

Happy Voteing! (Team Doofenshmirtz is OUT Peace!)

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