Hey, peoples.

As many of you know, The KCA 2011 was held last night, on the day after April Fools Day. Nickelodeon's online game 'The Monkey Quest' presened SpongeBob with 'Favorite Cartoon'. But still, we don't need a stupid green blimp!(Or is it yellow?)

If you'd been a constant repliant to J.Severe's blog about voting, you have heard that we don't need a blimp! For each year, since 2001, a Nickelodeon cartoon has won every award! Even while Phineas and Ferb deserves it, we still don't need it! They are awesome because they ARE awesome! And even if we never get a blimp, we'll constantly get nominated again and again!

Thank you. The Negative Kid; World's Most Infamous 5th Dimension Traveler 11:48, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

P.S: People who are so angry as to swear or yell at SpongeBob fans should be reported. If you see such nature, get rid of the person immediately.

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