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  • The Regurgitator


    Not all the votable songs seem to have been reveled, but here are the ones so far:

    Mix and Mingle Machine


    Come home perry

    Just passing trough

    Summer belongs to you

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  • The Regurgitator

    If you've been looking at the other treaty, please consider looking at this one first.

    Besides, to quote Spongebob

    "That wasn't a peace treaty, that was a copy of the peace treaty"

    If you are a fan of any aspect of either show, then sign this treaty agreeing you won't start any big wars between the two shows, no matter what the reason.

    I, The Reurgitator sign this treaty.

    So..go sign it.

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  • The Regurgitator

    Self explanatory.

    Ok, I've seen P & In: English, Latin Spanish, Castailn Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian,Bulgarian, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Tamil, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Finnish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Malay, and Indonesian

    What about you?

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  • The Regurgitator

    If someone has already done a blog over this, then please tell me.

    As some of you may know, new episodes have been airing over in Latin America.

    The first two were, "The Secret Of Success" and "The Doof Side Of The Moon". But they also aired in the UK so we'll skip those.

    Next they got "The Labyrinth". In which the boys create a...well what do you think they make? And Izzy is with some young fireside who likes Candace(Best. Fireside. Girl. Ever) for some reason. And the song, is good even though its in Spanish.

    Now I was mad about them for getting this but I said "As long as they don't get any others its fine"

    But soon, they got another called "Ladies And Gentleman, He is Max Modem" which was the Unnamed Lindiana Episode we've been hearing abou…

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