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In my opinion, this has got to be the best show on television in almost a decade. I love this show so much, that I thought I would list a few of the potential future couples of the characters.

Phineas + Isabella

Ferb + Vanessa

Candace + Jeremy

Balijeet + Wendy (from the Christmas Special)

Buford + Suzy (when pigs and trains fly)

I will add more in time, but now on to the topic at hand...

I first saw the show and I instantly found a show that made me smile. Good ideas and brilliant songs. When Phineas and Ferb create something, I smile because not only is it big, but it makes me wish I could take part in all that fun. Imagine a roller coaster running around Philadelphia or any city. HOO-WHEE!!!!! That'd be cool! Riding over Interstate 95 in a roller coaster. (much better than SEPTA any day).

I am willing to bet that Pinky's boss is none other than Monogram's wife. I in fact, could see Carl as a 40s tear jerker. (only if he was a she)

So much to say so stay tuned

This is your friendly Unknown Avenger, saying "When all else fails, apply the emergency brake."

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