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  • I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • I was born on January 21
  • My occupation is Web Developer/Graphic Designer
  • I am Male
  • Topher208

    For a few months now, we've been floating around the idea of changing from standard user talk pages to Wikia's new Message Wall system. It is being used on many other wikis and seems to be working for them. For those who aren't familiar with the message wall, it allows you to make blog-like comments on other users' walls. It does not affect article talk pages or forums, only user talk pages.

    • It makes conversations easier to follow for everyone. What usually happens now is User A will comment User B's talk page and User B will respond on User A's talk page. Anyone trying to follow the conversation has to flip back and forth. The message wall fixes this by keeping those conversations in one place for others (admins, etc.) to follow and still …

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  • Topher208

    The wiki is currently seeking help to produce our twice monthly newsletter, the Tri-State Gazette. Our staff, and by staff, I mean Bunny-in-chief RRabbit42, needs new writers and cartoonists to help get our newsletter back to its original glory. Ideally, we're looking for users who'd like to contribute to every newsletter or at least every other newsletter, but a single contribution here or there would even be helpful. We have been considering re-running blogs as articles, but we hope that we can find enough new writers for that not to be necessary.

    Some possible topics for columns/articles are:

    • General Phineas and Ferb news
    • Episode Reviews
    • Ratings - perhaps a different take than Ryan Stoppable's The Numbers Game
    • Official website information - …
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  • Topher208

    Layout Builder Update

    October 6, 2011 by Topher208

    I started working on building layouts tonight, but ran into some trouble. I tried converting the layouts we use from the Page Creation Portal and found that several things were breaking when i switched from Source mode to Visual mode on the editor.

    I actually built the Song layout since that was one of the more simple templates we have. I created input boxes for all of the infobox variables and it seemed to be working okay. Then I went in to convert the sections over to paragraph input boxes, but the layout builder didn't seem to like that. Since I was working in source mode only, I enabled the Visual editor and eventually got the paragraph boxes working. I saved it and moved on to the Episode layout.

    The Episode layout was a much trickier p…

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  • Topher208

    POLL: Layout Builder

    September 19, 2011 by Topher208

    The admin group has been looking into the possibility of enabling a new feature called Layout Builder. The way I understand it, this would allow users to select from a group of templates when creating a new page. This could very likely replace the use of the Page Creation Portal, and could be more successful because it would be automatic instead of consciously going to the Creation Portal.

    We'd like some feedback on whether you'd like to see us enable the Layout Builder and if you've had some experience on other wikis using it.

    Additionally, if anyone has used Layout Builder on other wikis as an admin and would like to share their experience and/or talent, we'd like to hear from you in the comments.

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  • Topher208

    Just a simple poll today: How long should the wiki keep the special skin for Across the 2nd Dimension?

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