Those of you who get the Tri-State Gazette will know that we are going to start enforcing our Blogs policy more fully from now on. This means any blog that discusses shipping, are personal announcements (introductions, etc.), those that could be mistaken as Twitter or Facebook messages, or whose comments become uncivil or wildly off-topic will be closed for commenting and/or deleted at admin discretion. In addition, any blog marked with the Storm Warning template will be evaluated and could have its comments closed.

In addition, there are some other types of blogs that are going to be monitored closely and may be added to the "off-topic" list:

  • Question, poll, or survey blogs that are not related to building the wiki or community.
  • "Crossover" blogs where the author discusses mixing Phineas and Ferb with another TV show, movie, or other franchise.
  • Blogs whose comments have turned into chat sessions. If you want to chat, visit the Phineas and Ferb Wiki:IRC.

Basically we are looking for news and information from the blogs.

Message Board Wordmark
You might be thinking that this is taking things too far, and that we are trying to stifle your creativity. This is not so. For the past year, we have had a much more appropriate place for most of what happens on the blogs. It's called the Community Message Board. You do have to re-register, but registration is free and all we ask is that you use the same username you do here on the wiki to keep things straight.

Why is the message board the better place to hang out?

  • Fewer rules - There are fewer restrictions on what and how you can discuss things.
  • Categorized messages - You can find what you're interested in more easily.
  • Threaded comments - You can reply and keep track of comments much more easily.
  • Friends - You can pick your friends and hide users who you don't like. You can even follow specific threads.
  • Search - Search by message title or comment.
  • Forum games - Play games specifically designed for the forum.
  • Designed for conversation - Blogs weren't designed for the type of conversations that are currently happening in them.

The boards may seem a little empty right now, but as everyone starts to move their blog activity over there, we will have no problem making it as vibrant and active a community as we have in the blogs now. And everyone will be much happier. I hope to see all of you there.

Topher208 {Talk} 05:59, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT: In order to prevent spam, we have added a security question of "When did the show make its worldwide debut?" The answer is 2008 because the post-High School Musical debut of Rollercoaster was a preview, and did not air in other countries until 2008.

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