Isabella sees Phineas jump off a building
The wiki is currently seeking help to produce our twice monthly newsletter, the Tri-State Gazette. Our staff, and by staff, I mean Bunny-in-chief RRabbit42, needs new writers and cartoonists to help get our newsletter back to its original glory. Ideally, we're looking for users who'd like to contribute to every newsletter or at least every other newsletter, but a single contribution here or there would even be helpful. We have been considering re-running blogs as articles, but we hope that we can find enough new writers for that not to be necessary.

Some possible topics for columns/articles are:

  • General Phineas and Ferb news
  • Episode Reviews
  • Ratings - perhaps a different take than Ryan Stoppable's The Numbers Game
  • Official website information - keeping everyone informed with what's been added to Phineas and Ferb's site on Disney
  • Behind-the-scenes information - news about cast or crew or guest stars
  • Non-admin perspective on Community policies/issues
  • Reports on what discussions are taking place in the forums (both in-wiki and at the community message board) and what's hot in the blogs

We are also looking for an artist or artists to produce a Phineas and Ferb related cartoon. This could either be a three panel strip or a single panel comic that we could run at least once a month. And of course it would have to be wiki friendly, and we'd prefer it to not contain subjects that get our users riled up (shipping, rivalries with other shows, etc.).

Submissions should be well-written, contain excellent spelling and grammar, and be written at approximately a 5th grade reading level. Please post your submissions for the next newsletter no later than Monday, January 30th.

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