Happy New Year, everyone! To celebrate the new year, it is a common tradition to pledge to make changes in one's life. I thought it would be nice to try that here, too. We all need to get into some better habits and start to work on some of our unfinished projects during the upcoming year.

The following resolutions are my own for the wiki as a whole:

  • Use good edit summaries - instead of saving with a blank summary, put a description of what type of change you made to the article.
  • Visit our chat channel - Many good things happen there and it's a good way to get some time to chat with other users including myself and the other admins.
  • Clean-up allusions - these are meant to be what the writers were likely referring to when they wrote the scene. This section is meant to explain the gags that younger kids might not get, but adults do. It was not designed to host every minor similarity to your favorite show. See Help:Allusions and Similarities
  • Fixing Credits section of episode articles - these should always start with how the cast is listed in the end credits of an episode. Then, we can list additional voices that are recognized. Next, we can list characters that appeared but didn't have a speaking part. For example, Cymphonique Miller shouldn't be credited every time Holly appears in an episode but doesn't speak.
  • Image categories - all images should be in categories based on what episode they are from and also who appears in the image. Once that is done, we can start categorizing them in other ways. If you've got any ideas, please post them on Category talk:Images.

This isn't my personal list, it is for everyone to get ideas on what they need to work on. It's not everything that needs to be done next year, but it's a start. I'd really like to hear what you'd like to get accomplished next year. Leave a message on this month's Crat Corner blog and we'll take another look at them in our next issue.

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