Some of you may have noticed that we have fixed our article icons. Since our makeover in October, they have been hiding under advertisements or the top wikia bar. Last night, these have been moved to the left of the articlespace starting at the title of the page in order for us to continue to use only one set of templates for all types of pages on the wiki.

What are these icons for? There are several different reasons why a page would have an icon. First, all articles in the main namespace that are written from the Real World POV get a globe icon. Songs, being mixed POV, also have a special icon. There are also several different groups that in-universe pages can have on them. Secondly, featured pages (articles, songs, etc.) get various star icons. There are also stars for nominees and our old Article of the Month pages. Pages may also have various lock icons to show they have some level of edit-protection on them. Admins and Rollback Users(NEW!) have the ability to put icons on their pages denoting their status. Anyone abusing the icons on their user pages will be subject to a block.

For more info on how to use these icons, see Template:Era

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