Read this blog before you try to delete it. Also, if any shipping/cartoons wars erupt, consider these blog topics dropped.

I've been a member on this wiki for a month, and I've noticed a lot of things. I noticed that almost all blogs about shipping were shut down due to shipping wars. That made me mad, because some immature users couldn't talk about shippings without sounding like babies. But I thought about shipping, and I think that some people need to calm down. I have a lot of shippings, but most of them surround the teenagers. I don't ship the kids at much because they are 10 years old, and they don't need anyone to love anyone. People who make this much of a deal about a ten year old's relationship need to get some serious help in my opinion.

Next, I want to talk about these Spongebob vs Phineas and Ferb wars. I think they are pretty pointless. I, being a Spongebob "hater" (someone in another blog called me a Spongebob hater), think that P&F rocks, but this is a P&F wiki. If the people starting these blogs want to start wars to bring angry Spongebob fans here, then they need to think about what they're doing. It's bad enough that the shipping wars get out of hand, but add in the P&F vs SB wars, it's just annoying.

Last, I want to talk about the P&F Fanon Wiki. I want to join, but it seems kind of unorganized to me. Should I join or not?

Please comment! Tpffan5196 03:33, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

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